Volunteering for PAVE

General Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers. Let us know what you would be interested in.

Some possible areas:

Even if you are not in the Portland, Oregon area, you can organize a fundraiser for us and help us spread the word. Email us with any ideas or just that you are interested in volunteering ().

Raise a Puppy

Why raise a puppy for PAVE?

Puppies are loveable and cute and being a Puppy Raiser is very enjoyable but also a lot of work and dedication is needed. A puppy in training will be able to accompany you most of the time just like the service dog will for the veteran. You'll learn a lot about dogs and dog training in the process. You'll have this trusted companion with you most of the time.

Socialization and training on a daily basis is extremely important to prepare puppies for their important tasks as service dogs. Puppy Raisers play an essential role in laying the groundwork for a successful and well-adapted service dog. On average you will work with the puppy for about 18 months until the puppy enters advanced training for the specific tasks needed by the veteran the dog will be placed with.

The dogs need to encounter all kinds of people, environments, and situations so they are familiar with them. They need to be calm and confident in their interactions with the world and you can teach them that with love and patience. The Puppy Raiser's goal is to raise the puppy-in-training from a pup to a dependable and patient dog that will enter final training to learn the tasks that the veteran needs.

Raising a future assistance dog for a veteran, the Puppy Raiser makes it possible for veterans to receive a dependable partner to pave their way back home after serving our country.

Who can be a puppy raiser?

A Puppy Raiser needs to be able to have the puppy with them most of the day. It takes about 18 months for the puppy to be ready for their specific service dog training. If you are interested in a shorter term involvement let us know.

This is a great opportunity to give back for:
If you are interested in being a Puppy Raiser or to help in any other way, please email us at
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